2020 Busselton Fringe Festival | The 40-year Old Pop Star

Ali Butler is bringing her show 40-Year Old Pop Star to Busselton. Image supplied.
Ali Butler is bringing her show 40-Year Old Pop Star to Busselton. Image supplied.

Comedian, singer and ex-nurse Alli Butler gave up her day job and moved back to her Wheatbelt hometown to pursue becoming a 40 year old popstar, playing at Busselton Fringe on February 21 and 22.

Butler left her occupation as the Sydney Opera House nurse where she tended the headaches, depressed rants and ingrown toenails of international superstars,

She decided being a celeb was the more attractive side of the arrangement.

"I waved my sphygmomanometer goodbye and embarked on a pop career of my own," she said.

Never mind being 40 years old. Never mind she refuses to do botox (this week). And never mind she's going to launch this new career from the tiny outback town where she was born.

"At home I mostly perform to an audience of sheep, cows and canola, which seem to like pop music, but not as much as people, so I'm looking forward to Fringe World's people," she said.

Forty Year Old Pop Star is a standout, stand-up comedy, interspersed with Butler's self-predicted charttopping songs.

It tells of her hilarious and perilous trajectory towards super stardom in a music industry that insists you lie about your age, which this powerhouse of principle refuses to do - this week.

She also refuses to remove every last hair follicle from her body in a laser zapping frenzy just so she can wear a high-cut one piece leotard like Miley.

Forty Year Old Pop Star combines comedy with songs - sometimes funny and sometimes poignant - interspersed with Butler's stories which have been known to move and intrigue audiences, when they're not rolling in the aisles with laughter.

So climb aboard this roller coaster ride as Alli Butler sings, strums guitar and raves on about her life as an ex-nurse, mother, occasional wife, and imminent superstar.

Alli Butler will bring her show 40 Year Old Popstar to the Weld Theatre in Busselton at 8.45pm on February 21 and Vasse Village at 8.45pm on February 22.

Tickets are $20 each or $18 each for group bookings of four or more are available from trybooking.com/book/event?eid=590960&.