Changes to WA's government schools start Monday

Changes to WA's government schools start Monday

The WA state government is encouraging families to keep their children at home from March 30.

It is recommending families access the online or other resources for students' education to continue.

From Monday, March 30 to Friday April 3, all children who attend school will continue to be taught. Staff will continue to be on hand to ensure this can occur.

This is for children of parents who need their children to attend school to enable them to maintain employment, and those children in vulnerable families, such as children living with grandparents, are encouraged to continue attend school.

Teachers and education assistants will be able to use the time between April 6 to 9 to complete professional development at school to prepare for Term 2.

Arrangements will be in place to allow students to continue to attend school and be supervised, for children who need to attend school on the last four days prior to Easter.

Independent and Catholic schools are making their own arrangements.

Work will begin during the school holidays to develop a longer term education model for Term 2 and beyond, in response to COVID-19.

The State Government said it continues to base its decisions on the best available advice.