Vasse school holds R U OK? Day activities

On Thursday 10 September, Vasse Primary School hosted an R U OK? Day event to acknowledge the importance of starting a conversation with those in our social network including family and friends that we are worried about.

R U OK? Day ties in beautifully to the school's RULER program by using the skills of Recognise, Understand, Label, Express and Regulate to support self and social awareness.

R U OK? Day recognises that there are people in our community who are struggling with life's ups and downs.

Vasse Primary School students created a Monster Mood Meter, where every student's mood was recorded with their own special feeling words written on the Vasse Monster Mood Meter.

Students wore their faction T-shirts to represent the quadrants of the Mood Meter and participated in a whole school Walk n Talk around the oval with some dancing to mark the event.

In class, students engaged in a variety of activities designed to develop self and social awareness and how to start a conversation with those we are concerned about.

The experience was both uplifting and fun for both staff and students with the whole school experiencing an ambience of joy.