Busselton public housing maintenance in question

Image by Shutterstock.

Image by Shutterstock.

When Busselton resident Lorraine moved into her public housing unit four years ago she noticed rusty water was staining her clothes in the washing machine.

Lorraine, who did not want her last name published, replaced the machine but the problem persisted, so she notified authorities.

"They changed my taps, but the iron oxide kept ruining my clothes and a 100 year old Italian cloth and bed cover which were passed down to me," she said.

Lorraine has bags of clothes and linen which have been ruined by iron oxide in her water.

"I cannot wear them out, when it first happened I threw them all out in the bin, I cannot get the stains out they are rust," she said.

"I don't cry for spilt milk but some of these items are 100 years old. It is coming from a galvanized fitting or pipe somewhere but authorities don't believe I am experiencing it by myself.

"How would you feel if you kept having to throw your clothes out? I have to take all my clothes down to the laundromat now in case a piece of rust comes out.

"I need a filter on my house to stop that rust coming through."

Department of Communities service delivery executive director Lindsay Hale said they were aware of the problem at the residence and were trying to resolve the issue.

"Busselton Water have confirmed the water supply to the meter is safe for drinking and bathing, indicating the issue could be with the plumbing from the meter to the house," he said.

"Communities has arranged for tap fittings to be changed and has requested a plumber inspect the internal water quality at the property and provide a report.

"When the plumbers report is received, Communities will consider options to have this matter resolved."

Vasse MLA Libby Mettam said the state government have boasted $884 million for housing and homelessness in the 2020-21 State Budget and it was essential that funds were directed into maintaining stock.

"I have raised this issue on a number of occasions, taxpayer funded homes sitting empty is unacceptable," she said.

"We have a housing crisis and at the very least it is vital to keep what stock we do have properly maintained.

"Lorraine, is just one example of tenants who have to suffer as a result of this government's poor management, and reluctance to adequately fund the maintenance of old housing stock, where it is needed.

"This needs to be rectified immediately."