Nannup and Margaret River: Snake Training for dogs

Snakebite kills thousands of dogs every year.

The best way to prevent this is through training for both pets and working dogs. 

Curiosity can kill, but with a little help even the most curious dogs learn to leave snakes alone. 

David Manning and his team at Animal Ark have been delivering life saving training sessions for three years. 

Based on highly successful aversion training techniques used in other parts of the world, results have been fantastic and feedback from owners overwhelmingly positive.

Training sessions will be held in Margaret River/Augusta, Nannup and Mount Barker/Albany on October 23, 24, 25, 26, 28. 

The training sessions help owners too, not least to understand how their dog does or may react when coming across a snake. 

Animal Ark travel throughout Western Australia and as specialist trainers and educators are licensed by DBCA’s Parks and Wildlife Service.

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