Caley Samson Brent-White, 37, jailed for four years for possessing cocaine, MDMA

A 37-year-old drug trafficker will spend the next four years behind bars.

Caley Samson Brent-White faced Bunbury District Court on Monday, May 13, after pleading guilty to possessing both cocaine and MDMA with intent to sell or supply.

The court was told that police searched Brent-White's residence earlier this year.

During the operation, officers uncovered 41 MDMA tablets, 133.32 grams of cocaine, four cannabis plants, scales, and clipseal bags.

A psychiatric report, received by District Court Judge Bruce Goetze, described Brent-White as "intelligent" and "anxious".

However, it also described him as "impulsive" and "prone to taking risks".

After his arrest, he strived to behave well and to undergo counselling.

Prior to sentencing, Judge Goetze received numerous references from people close to Brent-White.

Judge Goetze acknowledged that Brent-White is a "well-respected" member of the Dunsborough and Yallingup communities, is in a long-term relationship, and part of a strong family unit.

The judge described the 37-year-old as a mid-level drug dealer.

Judge Goetze noted that Brent-White had used a variety of prohibited drugs over the past few years.

The court also heard that he started using cannabis, before moving on to more illicit substances.

"Cannabis is illegal because it leads people to harder drugs," Judge Goetze said.

"People can become gravely ill or die from illicit drugs."

Judge Goetze was adamant the sentence would send a message to the 37-year-old and the community.

However, he said the sentence would not be "crushing", adding that Brent-White had enough potential to lead a positive life after prison.

"Your remorse goes beyond what's contained in the plea itself," Judge Goetze said.

Receiving a four-year term, Brent-White was made eligible for parole.

Judge Goetze also called for the destruction of the drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Friends and family members of Brent-White reacted strongly as the sentence was read out.

The maximum penalty for possessing a prohibited drug with intent to sell or supply is 25 years behind bars and/or a $100,000 fine.