Busselton hairdresser decides to close to minimise risk of coronavirus

Oscar and Ivy owner Merinda Levitzke and her staff have decided to close their hair salon from Saturday to minimise the spread of coronavirus.

Oscar and Ivy owner Merinda Levitzke and her staff have decided to close their hair salon from Saturday to minimise the spread of coronavirus.

Busselton hair salon Oscar and Ivy have decided to serve their last customers on Saturday after the Federal Government announced hair cuts would be restricted to 30 minute appointments on Tuesday evening.

While the decision to overturn the restriction was made on Thursday, Oscar and Ivy owner Merinda Levitzke said the decision had already been made with her staff after discussing the risk of coronavirus was too great.

Ms Leviitzke said when the initial announcement was made by the PM they felt confused as an industry that hairdressers would still be allowed to work.

She said 30 minute appointments would put them in contact with more people.

"We completely understand why the 1.5 metre social distancing rule has been put in place," she said.

"We are confused as an industry why such a rule would be put in place, yet hairdressers are still allowed to work when we are in such close proximity to clients all day.

"We thought at this point with everything going on they should stand down our industry as a whole because it contradicts itself allow us to continue to touch clients, and then limit our service to 30 minutes, it would have suffocated our business."

On Tuesday evening, the PM announced beauticians, tattoo parlours, nail, tanning and waxing salons would close in response to the Stage 2 coronavirus restrictions.

"We are completely for the reason to shut down our industry, health is a priority over hair, no one died from having regrowth," she said.

"We completely understand why these restrictions are being enforced, we just wish it was clearer, it is definitely grey at the moment."

Ms Levitzke said while their customers had been supportive and were disappointed they would be closing, they had understood their reasons.

"Some people are quite concerned about their looks, others see the bigger picture and understand we are trying to do the right thing by the community, our staff and our clients by closing the doors," she said.

"Even with the time limitations lifted we could only have 12 people in the salon at any one time including clients, stylists and colourists, which really restricted our ability to be open."

Ms Levitzke said her staff were feeling quite upset that the salon needed to temporarily close during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We all love working here and are passionate about hairdressing, yet as a team we are also feeling a bit relieved," she said.

"They had all been given the option to stand down at anytime if they felt even the slightest bit uncomfortable, one of our girls who was pregnant did.

"Everyone is slightly relieved the decision has been made so they can go back and spend this time with their families and self isolate.

"We are confident we will open up again very soon, but we won't be doing so until it is safe for everyone."