Busselton artist delves deep into dreams

BETWEEN WORLDS: Artist Kirralea Birch's Busselton exhibit displays from April 27-May 24. Picture: Supplied.
BETWEEN WORLDS: Artist Kirralea Birch's Busselton exhibit displays from April 27-May 24. Picture: Supplied.

Award-winning photographic artist Kirralea Birch has a fascinating, unique exhibit showing in Busselton this month.

Between Worlds will take viewers on a tour through Ms Birch's psyche, as they view a gallery of emotive self-portraits.

Ms Birch won last year's Emerging Artist prize in the City of Busselton's Art awards, and has worked to refine her practise and create works with all different meanings and origins.

Her work is described as "pursuing the liminal space between reality and dreams", a concept inspired by her father.

"I was introduced to photography as a young girl. My father, an Astronomer, taught me how to use a camera and a darkroom," Ms Birch said.

"I initially wanted to emulate the beauty I saw in scientific photographs, but eventually became interested in very grainy images, where the line between reality and the infinite began to blur."

Ms Birch said she had taken a keen interest in playing with a viewer's sense of the familiar and strange, producing visual narratives that were "eerie and alluring".

"My photographs are self-portraits - offerings of private, guarded moments. They speak of illusion, delusion, memory, time, longing, capturing moments of beauty, of sadness, of finality, of impending change," she said.

"Moments where the self becomes the other, where the personal becomes no longer private."

ArtGeo Cultural Complex curator Sharon Williams said she was thrilled to have an artist such as Kirralea on board to display her pieces.

"We are excited to have an extended body of work on display in the Bond Store," Ms Williams said.

The exhibition poster.

The exhibition poster.

"Kirralea's moody portraits will really engage peoples' imaginations."

Ms Birch's previous works are displayed on her website, and show a diverse and compelling portfolio of self portraits shot using different mediums such as film, polaroid and underwater lense.

Between Worlds has been on display at the ArtGeo Cultural Complex since April 27, and will show until May 24.

The team at ArtGeo has been focussed on encouraging and featuring local art and artists, with its first year of running the 'Exploring Feelings Through Art' program allowing 10-12 year old school students to explore art through different mediums.

The complex has a packed and impressive lineup with local artists which carries through to the end of the year.

Among the visiting artists are Alice Alder, Georgia Zoric and Barbara Weeks.

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