Busselton set designers bring ancient Greece to Bunbury

Kate and Ben set up their projected scene for the actors to experience.
Kate and Ben set up their projected scene for the actors to experience.

TEMPLES dedicated to the gods, monumental structures and marble effects are not typical features of the South West landscape.

Thanks to the efforts of a Busselton based set design crew, a contemporary vision of ancient Greece will be beheld in the Bunbury based play Lysistrata.

Busselton resident Sam Beard is one member of the designing team behind the visual creation, with the group taking a unique approach through projecting scenes onto the stage rather than building them.

The play was brought to Beard’s attention his university lecturer and director of the play Vahri McKenzie.

Adapted from the classic Greek comedy by Aristophanes, the performance will be completely created by members of the community.

“We wanted something that creates an atmosphere and gives the vibe of ancient Greece,” Beard said.

 “It was a very new experience; a big learning curve for me.

 “All the imagery we’ve created will be projected onto the stage; we had to be careful it wouldn’t overpower the actors.

 “It’s a contemporary take on the play; it’s for an adult audience and it’s very funny.”

Beard with his fellow designers spent time researching ways to bring the ancient world into the community, taking three months to construct the projection.

“I’ve never done anything with performing art, that’s a very different experience,” he said.

“It’s hectic, but so worth it,

“I definitely would be involved in something like this again.”

The performance will be in July.

For further information contact Vahri McKenzie on 9780 7809 or email v.mckenzie@ecu.edu.au.