Booth Richardson Tiger Team releases alleged new images of thylacine

A screen grab from the team's video.
A screen grab from the team's video.

Three Tasmanian men are claiming to have proof that the thylacine is not extinct, and they have released images to the public in an effort to corroborate their story.

Greg Booth, his father George ‘Joe’ Booth and Adrian ‘Richo’ Richardson have video footage in their possession of what they say is a Tasmanian tiger.

If the images do, indeed, depict a Tasmanian tiger, then they would be the first such images to be made publicly available since 1932.

Greg, of Ouse, says he sighted the animal 50 kilometres away from Maydena in the state’s South-West.

He refused to reveal where exactly he had seen it, because he did not want civillians to disturb the site.