Dunsborough community acupuncture

Community acupuncture has finally arrived in Dunsborough providing a cheaper alternative for people to access the treatment.

Qualified acupuncturist Bec Rickey said people could receive treatment in a group setting to make it affordable for people to be able to receive acupuncture often.

Dunsborough is the fourth location in the South West which now offers the alternative and will be setup in the Old Dunsborough Hall once a week.

Ms Rickey said research showed for acupuncture to be effective people usually needed to have multiple and regular treatments.

“Often it is more than what most people can afford,” she said.

“With community acupuncture people are able to complete their course of treatment for maximum value.

“We are getting some great results with patients that may otherwise not be able to afford the treatments in the private practice model.”

Since Ms Rickey started community acupuncture in the South West she has completed 1500 treatments in the last year.

"I am so passionate about this business as we are able to help so many more people - especially people in chronic pain that maybe couldn't afford it normally.

“I have suffered chronic pain since I was young with an auto-immune disease and this lead me down this pathway and career from a young age.

“I understand pain and want to help more people to overcome it. Life is so much better without pain or illness.”

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