South West Sausages

Almost 50 Dachshunds played in Barnard Park in Busselton on Sunday for the monthly meet-up of Sausage Dogs South West.

Sausage Dogs South West is a Facebook group with over 600 members who share the love for the breed and hold monthly meet-ups to socialise their pets.

Event organiser Ashlee Italiano said it was the biggest turnout the group had ever had.

“It was the best turnout we have ever had and I am absolutely thrilled with the amount of people who came down to support the group and support their love for Dachshunds,” she said.

Mrs Italiano said there would be walks all throughout the year in different locations throughout the South West.

“Sausage Dogs South West has needed an avenue to get everyone together and because the South West is so big when I created the calendar this year there was an interest for a variety of locations for walks,” Mrs Italiano said.

Mandurah local Cassidy Mew travelled all the way to Busselton for the event.

“There’s a Perth one but no Mandurah group, this is the first one we’ve ever done and I think it’s a good turnout,” she said.

Bunbury local Anna Macleay said it was her third time bringing her dog Tess to one of the group events.

“This is our third one and it’s very exciting to meet other sausage dog owners of all different shapes and sizes. This has been the best one and it’s a great way to get contacts and organise puppy play dates closer to home,” Mrs Macleay said.

Busselton local Janine Malatesta found out about the event after joining the group and took her pooch Frank along.

“The day was fantastic, beautiful weather, beautiful group of sausages and I think the beauty of it is you don’t have big dogs that can scare these ones quite quickly,” she said.

The group was first created in 2013 by Heidi Dempster who made the group after she got her first sausage dog.

“The main purpose of the whole group is networking, which Facebook is great for,” she said.

For more information join the Sausage Dogs South West Facebook page.

  • June walk – Clifton Park, Brunswick on June 16 at 11am.
  • July walk – San Marco Promenade Park Pelican Point, Eaton on July 29 at 11am.
  • August walk – Mangrove Broad Walk Leschenault Inlet, Bunbury on August 18 at 9am.
  • September walk – Big Swamp, Bunbury on September 9 at 2pm.
  • October walk – Dunsborough on October 20 at 10am (venue to be advised).
  • November walk – Margaret River on November 25 at 12pm (venue to be advised).
  • December walk – Lighthouse Beach, Bunbury on December 9 at 9am.