Recycling initiatives earn praise for Busselton

A green sea turtle in care after ingesting a balloon. Photo courtesy of Blair Witherington.
A green sea turtle in care after ingesting a balloon. Photo courtesy of Blair Witherington.

Rubber Jellyfish, a documentary about the harmful effects helium balloons can have on the environment, is showing at Caves House Outdoor Cinema on Thursday, February 21.

In the full-length feature, filmmaker Carly Wilson sets out on a personal journey to meet key players on all sides in the fight to ban balloons, and exposes the confronting truth behind the favourite party product.

The screening is being hosted by the City of Busselton and is just one of several recycling and waste related events the city is holding. 

A Tip Free Day on Clean Up Australia Day will be held on March 2 and the Summer Sellathon, a reuse car boot sale, will be held at Signal Park on March 9.

It comes as the City of Busselton was named as the top regional council in WA for e-waste recycling for the month of January by Total Green Recycling.

Total Green Recycling, one of WA’s leading e-waste recycling specialists, released the figures to encourage consumers to keep their e-waste out of landfill.

Busselton recorded 13.61 tonne of e-waste, coming in second overall statewide to the City of Stirling, which unloaded 55.29 tonne.

City of Busselton mayor Grant Henley said the city was thrilled by the result.

“It’s good to see that our efforts in educating and encouraging the community about the benefits of e-waste recycling are paying off,” he said. 

“The recycling of e-waste and other materials is an important way to divert valuable resources from landfill and preserve our natural environment.

“Importantly, there is no cost to dispose of e-waste at the city’s waste management stations.”

The city employs a Recycling Education Officer to promote their initiatives. Recycling education visits are also made to schools and community groups on a regular basis.

More information about the events and recycling in general can be found on the city’s community engagement platform on waste – Watch Your Waste – at 

The screening of Rubber Jellyfish will begin at 8pm. 

Tickets are $17 and available from