South West's Unofficial Jazz Club

The Unofficial Jazz Club.
The Unofficial Jazz Club.

The Unofficial Jazz Club is calling on community members and jazz fans to register their email to be tipped off about upcoming gigs in the South-West.

The club first formed after playing a number of successful events at a hotel before they moved onto Sunday sessions at the Old Dunsborough Hall.

The club is made up of music fans and Local Vintage musicians who have more than 1000 pieces to their repertoire, and jazz being jazz, play variations and improvisations so that nothing is the same twice over.

Local Vintage play all the old favourites from the 30's and 40's, traditional jazz, a bit of New Orleans, swing, blues, and whatever the audience desires that can be called jazz.

The secret of this club is that no one be burdened with annual general meetings, office bearers, fees, or commitments other than to turn up at the hall on a given Sunday, and enjoy quality jazz, good company, and a dance floor for those inclined.

To join the Unofficial Jazz Club, register your email at so you can be tipped off when the next session is planned.