Ironman athlete Matt Burton's baby arrives before Busselton race day

Kim and Matt Burton with newborn Tom. Photo is supplied.

Kim and Matt Burton with newborn Tom. Photo is supplied.

Newest team Burton member baby Tom (3.29kg) and his mum Kim have prevailed, keeping up their end of the bargain they achieved their 'personal best' delivery ahead of schedule.

Tom and Kim's amazing team effort has allowed dad Matt a brief opportunity to wonder about the miracle of life and enjoy a few days of parenthood before heading off to compete in IRONMAN Western Australia on December 5.

Totally over the moon and so very proud of his wife Kim, Burton is heading to Busselton armed with a new appreciation of what the human body can endure and ready to keep up his end of the bargain.

"With the buildup to both Busso and the baby we had every scenario planned, or so we thought," he said.

"When Tom opted to come early I was already proud of our new boy and I'll be sure to thank him for making life a bit easier for his old dad."

"Not having previously found out the sex of the baby added to the overwhelming emotion of the entire experience.

"We were both unbiased about boy or girl, although in the same breath very convinced it was going to be a girl.

"So, he already had us raising our eyebrows before he took his first breath.

"It is a moment in life that no one can actually prepare you for. As anyone who has witnessed the incredible strength of their wife or partner in bringing life into the world will tell you. It brings a new perspective on life."

"It has been so emotional and Kimmi has been amazing and truly inspiring. Now I have the easy job of racing," Matt said.